September 2017.


Hi Everyone.

I hope you have all had a good summer so far and done plenty of miles. We decided at the last committee meeting that it would be a good idea to do a wee blog every once in a while to keep everyone up to date with what is going on.  We have an ever expanding membership from far and wide and we don’t often all see each other.

I thought I would start with introducing the committee,

Sinclair Stewart: Committee member

Tormod Doherty: Committee member

Ross Gault: Committee member

John Ferrie: Committee member

Helen Doherty: Treasurer

Allan Cameron: Secretary

Stewart McNee: Chairman

The committee have a meeting once a month which lasts around two hours. We have recently been getting ready for membership renewal and organising our club benefits and discounts at certain local businesses and further afield, all will be listed in the club benefits leaflet and in your welcome pack once you renew your membership.

We now have our shock wiz. It will be ready to hire very soon, it will be kept at cowal car components and Sinclair Stewart will be the person that will take care of the hiring and payment of hire. Hope you all find it usefull!

The Thursday, club nights have seen great turn outs so a big thank you for coming and making them work. We will continue through the winter on Thursdays at 7pm and will be posted on the group facebook page and web site each week so keep your eyes peeled for meeting points every week. We also now have two British cycling level two leaders (and four more in the pipeline)that will have a commitment to run several lead rides each per year. So far Ross Gault and myself (Stewart) are qualified so look out for the lead rides program coming out.

The web site is all up and running and looks great, as we progress it will be full of information and photos of our club activities. There is also a calendar on there that is linked to the racing calendar and our club activities to help you plan your monthly rides.

The Scottish enduro series and Scottish sxc have both said they will be coming back in 2018. Both events are great for the club and for club funds!!!  A  HUGE thank you must go to everyone that helped dig tracks, mark courses and marshal etc…………the two events raised in the region of £1500 (exact figures will be produced at the AGM once accounts have been finalised). We have also had loads of members racing in these events, it was great to see all those club shirts kicking about on the hill!

We would like to introduce another club night on a Tuesday offering a more training orientated evening, what are everyone’s thoughts on it? Feel free to email the club with your thoughts and ideas.

The club have a few members competing in events over the coming months both local and further afield. The Cowal way chase is on in October as well as the rest of the Scottish enduro series. At the end of October we have two teams heading to Relentless in Fort William (24 hour race). Are there any other members interested? We could maybe get another couple of teams together!  If so please send Allan Cameron a PM and we will see if we have enough interest.

We are working closely with forestry groups right now to secure a few dates for official trail maintenance. No fuss events are going to be supporting these days with a selection of drinks and food for a BBQ. Once the dates are confirmed we will post them up on the web page and facebook group page.

Hope you find this informative and not to boring, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you on the hill soon!






CMBC Fitness Training 


Dougie will be contributing over the coming weeks , writing some interesting 'wee blogs' the first of the series starts below.......

Week 1

We shall start with  (recognising the KISS Principle)

Q.    Should we stretch after exercising?
A.    Absolutely.
This is because.....During exercise the muscle fibres undergo a chemical process that causes the muscle to shorten, thus creating movement. They are then lengthened again by the action of an opposing muscle or muscle group. Unfortunately the system can be less than efficient resulting in our muscles not returning to their optimum resting length. If this is allowed to continue we become unbalanced and inefficient as we attempt to deliver power via our active muscles.
To optimise our performance it is essential to spend some time to gentle realign our muscles. 
A few basic rules:
-The Easy Stretch
-Learn to match the stretch to a muscle group.
-Gentle find the point of mild tension then hold for 10-30 seconds. Never bounce!!
-Make sure your muscles are still warm from the exercise.
-Keep your breathing slow, rhythmical and under control.
There are various other methods of stretching which all have different aims. Incremental, and  others. However learning the Easy Stretch and making it part of your post ride cool down will bring its own reward.
Many of us have been conditioned over the years to the idea of "no gain without pain". We were taught that "...the more it hurts, the more you get out of it". Do not be fooled. The Easy Stretch, when done correctly, is not painful.
Be good to your body!
17 September 2017
Week 2
Good morning one and all.
A great turnout last night for the second session of CMBC fitness training. I certainly enjoyed it. Herewith are a few thoughts:
The hour seemed to pass quickly. Could we extend the timings? Perhaps 6 -7.30pm??
Thank you all for taking on board the physiological reasoning surrounding Hill Reps. With such a diverse range of fitness levels it was difficult to set up repetitions that would work for all. I am sure that some of you felt you could have done more and blame myself for inadvertently "imposing" a maximum limit of ten.
 Of course it was not about the number of repetitions achieved. (We set individual "best efforts" last week.)  It was about discovering your individual Anaerobic Threshold. (AT) Which in turn will allow you to stay within your threshold and maximise your training effort. Staying just below the threshold will have, over time, major effects. Not only on your muscles but on your entire cardio-vascular system. Who doesn't want greater lung capacity.  A larger stronger heart and muscles that will drive you forward faster whatever the terrain?
The problem is one of judging the optimum moment when you slip over the threshold and go anaerobic.  Last night we used "perceived exertion". That feeling you get that only comes with experience. To get that experience we must all challenge ourselves when- ever we ride/train until it becomes very familiar. 
Or.................. Use a heart rate monitor!! 
I have used Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) for many years. Not only personally but with both friends and clients. 
Like most technology they need to be set up correctly but once that is done it's like having your coach on your handlebars!!
If you are only half serious about improving you fitness then this is the next step.  An HRM does not have to have multiple functions. If is shows your current heart rate consider it "job done". Check out Amazon ect. and buy one with a chest strap. 
I will be more than happy to help you set it and advise on its use.
OK. Enough said. If you have questions or just want to chat try This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Stay fit- Stay well.
Week 3
Greater Strength -- Greater Control
Whatever our chosen sport it is not difficult to recognise that the elements of muscular power, endurance and strength do not just complement our Cardio- Vascular capabilities but will also allow us to train harder.
When we ride we all want to climb faster with less effort and tackle those steep technical sections with confidence and style. With the added bonus of fewer crashes we are assured that greater muscle will lend us protection when we do make a mistake and "hit the deck".
As we age there is a constant decline in our overall muscle mass year on year.
The good news is that this can be stopped or even reversed with some simple "resistance" exercise's. 
Perhaps the simplest way is to use our own bodyweight to provide the resistance. No gym required. No weights to store or transport. In -doors or out all you need is a piece of ground and a little know-how.
Last week's CMBC Fitness session provided a balanced programme that worked on all the muscle groups and added a bonus of "cardio". All in good company and with the motivation that groups inevitable bring. 
I know a few folks were a little surprised at their own ability! Well done everyone.
This week's advice? Add one or two sessions in to your weekly diet of exercise. You will not regret it.
So-- we are half way through our six week programme. Next week we are back on the hill reps and the week after more circuits.
Whoever you are ---racer or recreational rider. Beginner or skilled rider. Come enjoy!!!
As ever - if you have questions or comments. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or --- see you on the hill.
Yours Aye,
Club Fitness Finale?!
So -- Six week programme completed last night (tue). If nothing else it generated a great deal of discussion.
Perhaps the ad-hoc time trial was not the best way to judge improvements over such a short time period. However it was, at the very least, a training session in its own right.
I certainly enjoyed being back in trainer mode.
Now looking to run some more sessions. Possible in the new year?What thinks???
Feedback, comments and questions always very welcome.
Yours Aye
18 October 2017.